Thursday, June 15, 2017

Japanese Lolita Brands for Western-sized Bodies

Hello dearies!

Living in the West, there are many body types--small, average, and plus. With the rise of Japanese fashion trends becoming more popular in the West, here are some popular Lolita brands in which I consider Western body friendly! In today's post, I'm going to share the most curvy-friendly brands that will accommodate most body types!

Enchantlic Enchanilly

Today we're kicking off this list with Japanese brand Enchantlic Enchantilly. chantilly's designs can accommodate a wide size range, with most of their clothes incorporating shirring around the waist area. As a lolita that loves the classic look of the fashion, I like the mature and classy prints that they incorporate into their brand, and would one day like to purchase from them in the future! For United States buyers, you can find Chantilly at the following Retailers:

Alterier Pierrot 

Perfect for Gothic Lolita, Alterier Pierrot I find is VERY forgiving when it comes to their sizing. Coming from someone whom has only seen their designs online, and never tried them in person, their dresses seem well constructed, and would personally be perfect to wear to an event as opposed to daily wear. For those in the United States, you can purchase this brand from the following retailers:

Tokyo Rebel

Official Website

Harajuku Hearts

Innocent World

Inspired by the classical taste of historical Europe, Innocent World's designs are made for the classic lolita's in mind. Although I personally haven't yet gotten the chance to own some of their pieces, by looking at the measurements of their OPs to Skirts, the sizes are fairly forgiving, they do have medium and large sizing, and I personally love that most of Innocent World's clothes can be incorporated into dailywear and are versatile.

For the United States, Innocent World can be purchased both online, and if you reside in NYC, in store from the following retailers:

Tokyo Rebel

Innocent World English Shop (International)

Triple Fortune

Triple Fortune has amazing designs, and what makes the brands pieces so unique is that they are MADE for curvy girls in mind! After having the great pleasure of meeting the two minds behind the fashion line Babi and Kaie, I've learned that they really enjoy when girls with curvy body types enjoy their clothes.  In many of their designs, you'll find the waist and bust section to be more forgiving and perfect for Western bods where not one size fits all!

For more information on Triple Fortune, and where you can purchase,visit my Triple Fortune post.


That's all for this week! Have any of you personally tried any of these brands? If so, share your thoughts below and let's get a conversation going!

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